Hot Buffalo Wing Curds
Hot Buffalo Wing Curds

Hot Buffalo Wing Curds

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Premium cheddar cheese curds with a spicy and flavorful Buffalo Wings seasoning. Shipped fresh from Montana for the best squeak, taste and flavor. Tip - Want more squeak? Simply microwave for a few seconds to restore their fresh tasty squeakiness!

Serving Suggestions
– Makes a healthy, high protein, low carb and gluten-free snack.
– Crumble over salads for big cheesy flavor.
– A fun appetizer jazzes up any cheese plate.
– Substitute Cheese Curds for shredded cheese in your favorite recipes. Adds a chewy texture to burgers, meatloaf, hot dish and pizza!


    our famous flavor

    same legendary recipe for 75 years

    Cowboys, cattlemen and visitors to the great state of Montana have all loved our famous recipe and flavors. Our jerky is made from whole top round premium meat. We guarantee it will be the best Jerky you've ever had.


    As always l, this meat has been excellent! Will be back for more soon as I run out. Buffalo and beef jerky and cheese curds are delicious.

    Bryan Wiley

    I can't remember what it tasted like because it was so good it was gone in two days! But I remember it was really good!

    Ashley Riscili


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