Does jerky have to be refrigerated after opening? 

We definitely recommend refrigerating jerky after opening because moisture can create mold easily. For best results and to increase shelf life while maintaining the best flavor and quality, refrigerate jerky.

How come jerky can get pricey?

The main reason jerky can be pricey is because it takes a lot more meat to make it than the 2.7 ounces we see. All jerky is costly to make. Beef is about 60% water, so when it is dried most of the weight is evaporated. It takes about 2.5 Lbs of  high quality top rounds of beef to make 1 Lb of jerky. Our SPECIALTY jerky is still done mostly by hand. We are not an automated plant therefore, our jerky is hand sliced, hand hung, and hand pulled. It is very labor intensive and we only use top round whole muscle meat. 

What are the health benefits of eating jerky?

Beef jerky is naturally high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. Since most jerky is generally 97%-98% fat-free, you would be hard pressed to find a healthier and better-tasting snack on the market. Jerky is a healthier snack alternative than chips, cookies, or candy. Beef jerky is the perfect snack item to incorporate into any diet.

What is the little white bag in the jerky packages?

The white bag in most packages is an iron oxide oxygen absorber. It is non-toxic. It helps to extend the freshness of the product.

Where are your Products Processed and Packaged? 

M&S meats processes and packages all of our jerky products at our meat manufacturing plant in Flathead Valley in Rollins, Montana.

Whats the white stuff on the jerky?

These are salt deposits or fat pockets on the meat, which is completely normal and safe to eat.



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