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Top tier elk jerky as expected. Although I like a spicy seasoning this was on the sweeter side. Amazing flavor and traditionally dry like I like.

Tasty jerky!

I love dry jerky that's tough. This peppered jerky is very tasty. Reminds me of the peppered Oberto jerky I used to eat here in Seattle as a kid.

One pack had really good flavor, and the other pack didn’t have any flavor to it.

Almost exactly what I was looking for

I'd give 4.5 stars if I could! I like a little more seasoning and smoke flavor but the texture and literally everything else was perfect. Definitely will buy again.

Pepper Beef Jerky
John Armstead
Better Than the rest.

Great flavor. Great texture. Not sweet like others I have tried. Just great meat!

Great jerky

Great jerky, but pretty pricey.

Best beef jerky I’ve ever purchased

This is definitely the best beef jerky that I have ever purchased!
Not quite as good as my dad’s home made but it’s very good!

Pepper Beef Jerky
R. Greenstein
Not overly impressed

Although the flavor was great, several pieces were heavily layered with fat and gristle and were not able to be eaten so unfortunately I had to throw out about 15% of the product which was a complete waste and based on how expensive this is was expecting a better cut of beef


I'm very picky about my jerky and this one hit the spot!

Way better fresh packaged!

This package was way better than my other package. Fresh not old.
Best I have tasted.

Old package

I love your process. But for some reason this package was way to old not good.

Beef Jerky Sampler
Fabyan Reyes
Great stuff

These are great so far love all the ones I've tried from the sampler. But the honey jalapeño, though it taste good is rock hard. Definitely a lot tougher than the other sampler flavors so a little hard to enjoy.

Beef Jerky Sampler
Thomas Mcgranor
the sampler

haven't try al of it yet but what I did was fantastic

Pepper Beef Jerky
Eric Banach
Every time I contact your customer service I never get a response

Great jerky bad customer service

Pepper Beef Jerky
Mark Branger
Excellent Jerky

This jeekyy is the way that jerky should be made. Not a lot of additives and soft but a firm flavorful beef jerky. Peppered is my favorite.

My son can't get enough of these!

My 11 year old son loves jerky and loves peperoni. This is the best of both worlds! I'm going to have to keep these stocked up for him. Excellent product.

Original Buffalo Jerky
Chris Hellthaler

LOVED IT!!!! Already putting in an order for more.

Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky
Chris Hellthaler

Delicious. My son and I both love it. Although we do both prefer the original Buffalo jerky.

Love it

Great flavor and chewability. My new favorite.

Original Beef Jerky
Xavier Macy
Jerky was good but nothing out of this world

This was decent beef jerky. I prefer this type of jerky over the wet stuff but there was just something lacking. I'll try the old western style they have and see if that suits me better.

Great Product

I was impressed with the flavor, texture ( I like a dry jerky), and leanness. Have already ordered more.

Best jerky

I've been searching for a good jerky place and now the search is over. Excellent products

Pepper Beef Jerky
James Richardson
Very dry when it arrived.

Will not order again. The flavor was good, but it was pretty much too dry to eat. Ended up throwing 3/4 of the bag away. Disappointed.

Old West Beef Jerky
Shane Mckenzie
just try it

Too good. Had to subscribe for monthly shipments.

Everything Delicious, But All Melted or Super Hot

I live in Yuma, AZ and when my package arrived it was around 118° outside. Everything was either melted or seeping fat grease through the packaging. The meats were delicious, there's no doubt about that, but the freezer packs were so melted they were actually hot to the touch. The candies were melted, and one of the licorice was opened and it burst the little package it was in and got all over the place. The only reason this is a 4 star is because the temperature difference wasn't taken into account; although, I'm not sure how any of this could've been avoided anyways. So I'm not completely faulting M&S Meats for this. I did immediately fridge everything to cool 'em down.