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Pepper Beef Jerky
Bryce Solomon
Pepper jerky

I thought a 1/4 pound of peppery jerky was supper surprised with the flavor loved everything sad how quick I ate it

For what I paid, the portions were tiny.

Original Beef Jerky
Rich Dennis
Original Jerky

When I received the jerky I was anxiously waiting to try it. It had a very good smell when I opened the package, but the flavor was very lacking. Could barely taste any seasoning at all, and majority of the jerky was too dry to even true threw it.
I ended up throwing over half of it in the trash.

Super tasty and a bit refreshing even :D

Jerky was absolutely delicious, very strong flavor, Def gonna buy more soon

Pepper Beef Jerky
Gary Wanberg

Fantastic, everything I'm always looking for in Jerky...

The best jerky I’ve found in many years.

Amazing jerky!!

Great product and shipped fast. Stored all in the freezer to last longer. Favorite was the old west style! Just ordered 4#’s more!

Jalapeno Buffalo Jerky
Dennis Lee Vickers
Jalapeño buffalo i

By far best I’ve ever had. Recommend it to all my friends and family

Beef Jerky Sampler

Very great taste and service

Great tasting jerky

First experience with M&S was when I visited MT some years back. Product does not disappoint. Well worth a try, especially the buffalo jerky.

Pepper Buffalo Jerky
Travis Moffett
Peppered buffalo

Great protein snack. Great taste

Original Beef Jerky
Brent Kelly

Reminded me of the ole days sitting on a hillside hunting eating Real Jerky. It was delicious.

Really good original jerky

Loved it but didn't last very long

Good quality, but high price.

Great quality jerky, but hard to justify the high price for the limited amount.


So I recently had an order and they were so awesome working with me! On top of their top notch customer service, these CHEESE CURDS ARE A MUST MUST try. I finally broke into them today and definitely going to be apart of my next order!

Old West Jerky at its finest!

This jerky is exactly what I was hoping for. The seasoning is exceptional and the tough chew is spot on. I will definitely be ordering more

Old West Beef Jerky
Jonathan Drews
The Best Jerky in 50 Years

I used to purchase ground jerky that came in a tube canister 50 years ago. The texture was not great - being ground meat - but the flavor was amazing! At some point the company changed their recipe and the jerky was not nearly as good. I haven't been able to find something comparable in flavor until now!

Old West Beef Jerky is the ticket. And it is whole meat! The best jerky out there. I'm so happy I found you guys! Yes, it is tough as rawhide but tasty as the great outdoors. Rip a chunk off the stick and savor the flavor! Take your time. There's no need to rush. Relax and enjoy the best jerky available to mankind.

Pepper Buffalo Jerky
Ransom Bearden

The flavor of the meat plus the proportional amount of seasoning makes this some of the jerky I've ever bought

Good to the last chew

Awesome Jerry. Good taste and quality. Would recommend to all who loves a little of the wild side.

Good stuff. Need to have bigger packages

Best Jerky ever

This is the nest jerky I have ever had. It is real.jerky and tough not chewy but old school kick ass jerk. They will be my only brand from now on. Love them and the cherry Jam is great too