Original Buffalo Jerky

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*Please Note- Our Jerky is processed the old west style. We are dry and tough. If you are looking for a softer and tender jerky, this is not for you! Everything is handmade, therefore texture and sizes may vary. 

M&S Meats is famous in the Flathead Valley in Montana for our great selection of hand-cut, hand-hung, hand-pulled buffalo and elk jerky and sausage. We offer jerky made out of buffalo, beef, and elk, in all different kind of flavors. We also offer many different gift basket options that we can put together for you!

M&S Meats is all about tradition. We take pride in our specialty products and the ability to offer them to our customers. Our store has been in operation since 1945. We are located right on Flathead Lake, just off of mile marker 87.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I was hoping for,not spicy,not too dry to chew.
Good stuff,and would LOVE to take it on hunts !


Original Buffalo Jerky

Real good.

Second time buying it. Took a little longer to get it this time.


Awesome great taste. 👍

Buffalo beats Elk, Beef.....

I've made my own jerky for 40 years and have tried every recipe under the sun.
It is my opinion that nothing beats simple. I'm very happy to see M&S is of the same mind.
My brother-in-law told me M&S makes a jerky as good as mine, so
I ordered up 1/4 lb each of Beef, Buffalo, Elk - all original recipe - and worked
my way through. When I got finished, one thing was crystal clear....I wanted
more!! M&S definitely makes premium-grade jerky! Which kind was less clear,
all were very, very good, but while an Elk steak cannot be beat at the dinner table,
Buffalo definitely had the edge for jerky on the hoof. So I ordered up a pound of
Buffalo Original and a 1/4 pound of Buffalo Honey to give that a try. It, too,
is High-Grade Quality and I'll be ordering a pound of that soon also.
To summarize: M&S make Real Jerky! You will not be disappointed.

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