3 Myths About M&S Buffalo Jerky - BUSTED

buffalo on grass
When it comes to jerky, especially the buffalo variety, myths abound. These tall tales can shape our perceptions, often leading us astray. Today, we pull back the curtain on three of the most common myths surrounding M&S Buffalo Jerky.

Myth 1: M&S Mixes their Buffalo with Pork or Beef.
  • The Rumor Mill: It's a claim we've heard before – that we, like some others, blend our buffalo meat with other meats to save on costs or boost the flavor profile.
  • Debunk: At M&S, we're purists when it comes to our buffalo jerky. Why? Because buffalo meat brings its own unique flavor – rich, robust, and distinctly different from beef or pork. It's a flavor we don't want to dilute. We guarantee that when you bite into our buffalo jerky, you're enjoying 100% pure buffalo meat, with no hidden ingredients.

Myth 2: M&S Buffalo Jerky is Actually Beef with Buffalo Seasoning.
  • The Whispered Word: Some assume that "buffalo flavor" just means beef dressed up with seasonings to mimic a buffalo taste. This myth might stem from the ways some brands market their products, but it's far from the truth.
  • Debunk: Our commitment to authenticity means there's no room for imitations. Our buffalo jerky comes directly from the rolling plains of North and South Dakota. Each piece is a journey to the heartland of America, offering you an undeniably genuine buffalo experience, no gimmicks attached.

Myth 3: Buffalo Meat is Gamey.
  • The Age-old Tale: Gamey meat. Most of us have heard of it. Some avoid game meats entirely fearing this very taste. And unfortunately, buffalo sometimes gets unfairly roped into this category.
  • Debunk: High-quality buffalo meat breaks all stereotypes. M&S sources only the finest buffalo meat, ensuring that what you taste is tender, savory, and brimming with flavor. Far from being gamey, it offers a rich taste experience that's both nutritious (high in protein) and deliciously low in fat.

At M&S Meats, myths are for busting, and exceptional jerky is for savoring. We invite you to challenge these myths head-on. Take a bite, savor the flavor, and discover the truth about our Buffalo Jerky for yourself.

Ready to taste the genuine buffalo difference? Order M&S Pepper Buffalo Jerky today and debunk the myths with every bite.