The Art and Science of Summer Sausage

A Brief History: The Birth of Summer Sausage The story of summer sausage begins with our ancestors and their need for long-lasting food. Unlike many perishables, summer sausages were designed to last through the warmer months without refrigeration, thanks to a combination of curing, drying, and fermentation.

Traditional Methods: Tried and True Techniques Historically, summer sausage was made using a blend of meats, predominantly beef, mixed with spices and allowed to ferment. This fermentation was crucial, as it lowered the pH of the sausage, acting as a preservative and giving it its tangy flavor. The sausage would then be smoked, further preserving it and adding a rich, smoky flavor.

At M&S Meats, while we have access to modern technology, we understand the importance of these traditional methods. We take pride in our commitment to the age-old techniques that ensure the authentic flavor and longevity of our elk summer sausage and buffalo summer sausage.

Modern Innovations: The Best of Both Worlds While we cherish the traditional, we also embrace the new. Modern equipment allows us to achieve consistent quality, ensuring every bite of our summer sausage delivers the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Moreover, the introduction of new, gourmet ingredients lets us experiment and bring forward unique taste profiles without compromising the integrity of the sausage.

Quality First: M&S Meats’ Dedication to Excellence When it comes to crafting the perfect summer sausage, quality is paramount. From the selection of premium meats to the precise mix of spices, every step is a testament to our dedication. Our beef is sourced with care, ensuring not just great taste but also ethical farming practices.

Furthermore, our commitment isn't just to the product but also to you, our customer. We believe that every bite should be a journey—a delightful exploration of rich flavors, underlined by our promise of quality.

The Timeless Appeal of Summer Sausage Summer sausage, with its rich history and timeless appeal, continues to be a favorite across generations. And at M&S Meats, we’re proud to carry forward this legacy, blending the art and science of sausage-making to bring you the perfect bite, every time.