Top 5 Snacks for game day

The ultimate guide to game day snacking

Game days mean fun, camaraderie, and of course, munchies! The thrill of the game often goes hand in hand with delectable finger foods that fuel the excitement. We've got the scoop on the best game day munchies where snacks like jerky, snack sticks, chubs, huckleberry products, and cheese curds add massive flavor to the big game.

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Beef jerky, buffalo and elk jerky

Real jerky lovers flock to M&S for our dry and tough jerky made from top round meat (and not that ground up, overly processed stuff from big brand jerkies). High in protein and available in various flavor profiles, it's a versatile snack that will keep you satisfied throughout the nail-biting moments of the game.

Game day isn't complete without the savory touch of jerky. Sporting events are synonymous with snacking – and what better to snack on than this protein-packed delight? On those nail-biting match days, what an average sports enthusiast needs is a snack that’s easy to eat, full of flavor, and satisfying enough to keep the focus on the game. That's where jerky steps in and shines. Not only is jerky rich in protein, helping keep your appetite in check, but it also comes in such a variety of flavors, ensuring there's something for all taste buds.

How to serve your jerky on game day

Jerky is a versatile snack that can be served in an array of exciting ways to satisfy the munchies on game day. One popular method of serving jerky is to pair it with chubs. This combination creates a balanced flavor profile, with the rich and savory taste of the chubs complementing the dried, smoky flavor of the jerky. You simply can't go wrong with this combination – whether you are hosting a large party or a small gathering of close friends for a sports event.

Another way to serve jerky is to chop it into tiny pieces and mix it with nuts and dried fruits for a homemade trail mix. The saltiness of jerky livens up the typical blandness of traditional trail mix, offering a unique twist on a classic snack. There's no shame in just eating directly out of the bag. Try to hold your guests back once they get their first taste at your game-day feast.

Snack sticks for sports fans

Taking the jerky love a notch higher are snack sticks. They combine the convenience of 'grab-and-go' with the meaty goodness of jerky. They are not as thick or intense as the traditional jerky, making them one of our most popular snacks. Plus, they are versatile! Snack sticks effortlessly move from being doled out straight from the pack during intense game moments, to being served as an elegant appetizer when your game day gathering leans a tad more formal.

These savory, ready-to-eat morsels are a fabulous complement to game day. Easy to handle, they pose no distraction from the riveting on-screen action. Given their compact size, snack sticks are extremely portable, making them the perfect pick for those nail-biting moments of overtime or double innings. 

Creative serving ideas for snack sticks

A prime choice is pairing them with cheese curds for a rich and satisfying bite. This combination besides offering a burst of flavor, also presents interesting texture contrasts. The soft, creamy cheese curds perfectly balance the firm, smoky snack sticks creating a delightful dish that is sure to be popular among your guests.

For the adventurous chefs out there, using snack sticks as skewers is an innovative idea that is bound to get your guests talking. Simply thread a snack stick through halved cheese curds, chunks of your chosen meat and even vibrant fruits like cantaloupe or grapes. The result is an attractive kebab-like presentation with an intriguing mix of flavors. This creative spin on serving snack sticks not only looks impressive, but also adds a fun and playful touch to your game day spread.

Why chubs and sausages are a crowd pleaser

When it comes to satisfying game day snacks, chubs certainly stand out. These popular savory and seasoned meats have a unique appeal that makes them a hit among sports fans. The versatility of chubs make them a neat and handy option, lending to their popularity in game day spreads. Plus, their robust flavor profiles hit the spot where few other snacks can. 

Then there's the variety that chubs afford. From classic beefy treats to buffalo and elk options, there is a type of chub for every preference and palate.  Whether served hot or cold, as standalone munchies or as part of a wider assortment of game day treats, chubs never fail to elevate the enjoyment of watching your favorite team in action.

Tips for preparing and serving chubs

Chubs, often recognized as the versatile charmer in the snack universe, are an indispensable addition to your game day platter. Perfectly smoked and intricately flavored, they're a favorite of sports enthusiasts. 

Firstly, ensure you choose quality chubs for an authentic experience; look for products with real meat, fewer additives, and robust flavor. When it comes to serving, you could slice them thinly and offer them alongside fine cheese and crackers. Or, if you’re looking to be a little adventurous, try tossing chubs into a skillet with some onions and bell peppers for a warm hearty appetizer. Remember, presentation matters; so, unleash your creative side to ensure chubs look as appetizing as they taste. They are incredibly versatile, complementing an array of accompaniments or worthy of spotlight as a standalone dish.

Sweeten things up with huckleberry 

Diversifying your game day spread with huckleberry products offers a sweet contrast to traditional, hearty snacks. Not only does it provide a refreshing twist to the usual savory lineup, but it also introduces a complexity to the palate. Items like our huckleberry jam, huckleberry popcorn or huckleberry licorice are sure to be a crowd-pleaser, keeping guests looking forward to what other surprises you might have up your sleeve.

Huckleberries have a unique sweet, yet slightly tart taste, that blends harmoniously with most food items. They pack a nutritional punch that brings more than just flavor to the table. 

How to incorporate huckleberry products into your game day spread

Entertaining on game day calls for a special kind of snack spread that is as fresh and exciting as the games themselves. You've got your savory and salty treats covered with jerky, snack sticks and chubs, but to balance the flavors and leave your guests delighted, you'll want to bring out the big guns. 

Huckleberry jam, huckleberry popcorn and chocolate covered huckleberries can add a unique and sweet twist to your game day food fare, leaving an unforgettable taste in everyone's mouth. 

Creating a harmonious blend of flavors is key to a successful snack spread. This means not only selecting a variety of tastes and textures but also presenting them in a way that encourages your guests to try them all. Arrange your huckleberry products alongside the other snacks, showcasing their vibrant color and attractive packaging. 

Top Tip: Huckleberry jam is a huge crowd pleaser when you use it as a dip to pair with some of our jerky flavors. 

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The cheesy goodness of cheese curds

Cheese curds are a classic comfort food, adored by many for their distinctive flavor and rubbery texture. This bite-sized cheese morsel is adored by both cheese lovers and snack aficionados alike. The soft texture make cheese curds a certain crowd pleaser on game day and they're sometimes known as "squeaky cheese" due to the sound emitted when biting into fresh curds.  

Cheese curds are best served at room temperature for the ultimate snacking experience. Discover our full range of cheese curd flavors. 

One popular method is to enjoy them as a standalone snack. Simple, yet effective. Otherwise, plunging these cheesy delights into a warming, homemade marinara sauce can be a delicious twist on a traditional mozzarella stick concept, without any of the fuss of deep-frying.

More adventurous hosts might delight in creating a cheese curd-based poutine; probably the best thing to come out of Canada since maple syrup . Creamy gravy drizzled over crispy fries and topped with cheese curds may just be the ultimate game day feast...

That wraps up our guide. We hope you enjoy the big game and can introduce some epic snacks to your next game day!

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