Quality Beyond Compare: The Daily Inspection Process at M&S Meats

How does M&S Meats ensure quality

At M&S Meats, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality jerky to our customers. Our belief is that great taste stems from great quality, and that's why we have a rigorous daily inspection process conducted by the State of Montana. It's a collaboration that represents our commitment to excellence and our desire to provide you with nothing but the best. Here's how we ensure that your jerky is of premium quality, day in and day out.

1. Sanitation Checks: Starting the Day Right with Montana's Oversight

Every day begins with an extensive sanitation check conducted by the State of Montana's inspectors. From our production floors to our storage areas, every surface is cleaned, scrubbed, and sanitized. Equipment is carefully examined to ensure it meets cleanliness standards. Our partnership with Montana's dedicated inspection team guarantees that your jerky is produced in a pristine, hygienic environment.

2. Raw Product Inspection: Quality at the Source

Quality begins with the right choice of meat, and that's where Montana's inspection team comes in. They meticulously check the meat's freshness, color, texture, and fat content. Every aspect is examined to ensure it meets the standards that we have set, aligned with the State of Montana's guidelines. This initial step ensures that the raw product is of the highest quality, paving the way for delicious jerky.

3. Cooking Temperatures: Precision is Key

Achieving the perfect jerky requires precise cooking temperatures. The State of Montana's daily inspections include verification of our ovens and dehydrators. They ensure that these devices are calibrated to the exact required temperatures, and that every batch is cooked consistently. This attention to detail guarantees that each piece of jerky meets our texture and flavor standards.

4. Critical Control Points: Leaving No Stone Unturned

We work closely with Montana's regulatory bodies to identify and manage all critical control points in our production process. From marinating to drying, every stage is monitored, and daily checks are conducted. Our collaborative efforts with the State of Montana ensure that we adhere to all regulations, maintaining the integrity of our product and building trust with our customers.

5. Finished Product Evaluation: The Final Verdict

The inspection process continues even after production. Each finished batch of jerky goes through a comprehensive examination by Montana's expert inspectors. They assess the flavor, texture, appearance, and shelf life, making sure that what reaches your table is nothing short of perfect. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and these evaluations reinforce our dedication.

6. Packaging & Labels: The Seal of Quality

The State of Montana's daily inspection also extends to our packaging and labels. They validate that our packaging materials preserve the freshness and quality of our jerky. Labels are scrutinized for accuracy, ensuring that what's inside the package matches what's on the outside. This level of care reflects our promise of transparency and our commitment to quality.

7. Ingredient Verification: Transparency and Trust

Every ingredient that goes into our jerky, from the spices to the marinades, is carefully checked daily in collaboration with Montana's inspection team. We take this step seriously, as it aligns with our dedication to providing transparent, trustworthy products. We verify the quality, origin, and safety of each ingredient, emphasizing our pledge to offer only the best.

8. A Continuous Commitment to Excellence

At M&S Meats, daily inspections by the State of Montana are not a mere protocol; they symbolize a continuous commitment to excellence. We believe in crafting jerky that carries a legacy of quality, and this pursuit requires unwavering attention to detail, collaboration with regulatory bodies, and a love for what we do.

Experience the Difference Today

M&S Meats invites you to taste the difference that our daily inspections by the State of Montana make. Indulge in our range of jerky products, each piece a testament to our dedication to quality. We're confident that our unwavering commitment to excellence will shine through in every bite.